Expert Opinion Workshop: Developing the Chance 2 Change Intervention

On the 8th of December 2015 a workshop was held to develop ideas for the Chance 2 Change intervention. Attendees were members of the project research team, the project’s working group of young people, the steering group, and some invited individuals with expertise in the use of creative techniques and digital technology. The workshop focussed on five key issues to be addressed by the intervention as follows:

What would support young people to make a decision to use condoms?
What would support young people in obtaining and maintaining a supply of condoms?
What would support young people to always carry condoms?
What would support people to introduce condom use?
How can positive associations with condoms be created?

These were graphically represented as five images pictured below.

The day started with a short introduction to each of the five issues. The rest of the day was made up of break-out sessions.

Five tables were set up, one for each issue. Each table had a variety of materials placed on it to inspire creativity. Within each break-out session, attendees were instructed to move to a different table so that everyone had a chance to input into each issue.

Groupings ensured that at each table there was a mixture of young people, health psychologists, individuals with clinical & public health experience, and individuals with expertise in co-creation/design and creative techniques. Groups were free to continue to work on the ideas of previous groups or to work up something new. One person who had participated in each group’s discussion always remained at the table to provide continuity.

Everyone was encouraged to come up with novel ideas about how the intervention could address the issues presented.

At the end of the day the whole group came back together and the wall display representing the five issues was populated (pictured below). The whole group then discussed the ideas that had arisen. At this point a number were further developed.

Next steps: the research team and the working group of young people will continue to work together to refine the ideas that came out of the workshop. Ideas will be finalised in March 2016 at which point we will go out to tender for development of the intervention.


Project Update: September 2015

The Chance2Change project was officially launched on Tuesday 1st September 2015, however behind the scenes the research team have been busy developing project managements systems, identifying key stakeholders, planning impact and dissemination and selecting the key determinant to be targeted in the intervention.

The project is now well underway and despite already meeting with members of the project team individually, a kick off meeting will be held on 1st October in order to bring together all key people involved in the development and delivery of the project.

We are now on twitter, please follow us and feel free to share with others you think might be interested in hearing about the research and its development @CovUni_C2C

We will provide updates on the progress of the project monthly and hope to provide some insight from the Young People’s Working Group next month, so make sure you check back then!

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